Is there a reason why Europe doesnt just print more money?

Lately, we, Greeks, have been wondering about the sanity and the intelligence of our politicians. They keep inventing measures, as often as every week, even though they can see that these measures actually have negative effects on our GDP; not to mention the society at large. We have said a number of times that no one knows the needs of a specific economy but the people and the politicians that live in this country. Only then you are in a position to know what's going on and how can you deal with a number of issues. IF you are intelligent of course.

Nevertheless, for the last 2 years, we -Greeks and not only- have been doubting the intelligence of the European leaders as well. Procrastination, delays, wrong decisions, lack of the appropriate policy, lack of a united voice. Every week there is something different. First it's a 20% haircut, then it's a 50% haircut. First  it's imposition of taxes, then it's not, since the Troika disapproved the imposition of new taxes. First it's "sell the Acropolis" or "get out of Euro" and now it's "Greece cannot be expelled from the Eurozone, since this would be disastrous for the European Banking System". Oh really?? You just realized that?

And somewhere along all these European mistakes, the Old Continent makes YET another one. Europe chooses austerity and deterioration of the living standards, as a way to deal with the financial crisis. Well, the way we economists see it, when you have excess debt, there are three major tools to handle it: austerity, devaluation or bankruptcy. At this very moment, the European debt is beyond anyone's imagination. Just because Germany has a 5% financial development, it doesnt mean that everything is going well. Besides, in order for Germany to have this kind of development, the presence of strong economies that buy its products and services is essential. If all the European economies are failing, then Germany will have no buyers. This somehow seems to be slipping their minds. So, this austerity that Europe has decided upon is with no doubt the wrong policy. Because the debt is so high that all the European economies and societies would have to be demolished in order to make it even a tad smaller. It's evident that costs outweigh the benefits.

Currently, we experience a currency war with no precedent, as all our adversaries are trying to devaulate their currencies in order to be more competitive in the international markets, leading to the revaluation of Euro. China linked Yuan with the American Dollar, which led to the devaulation of the first. The US are printing money. Japan is systematically selling Yen to the international markets, aiming to drop its exchange rate. And, last but not least, the UK -which also has an unbelievably high debt- has soften its exchange rate policy, by printing money. Only Europe has decided to vote on austerity, leading to recession, poverty and social unrest.

If Euro is devaluated, we would have 4 immediate effects:
1) Increase Competitiveness
2) Development from Exports
3) Decrease of Debt
4) Increase of Inflation

If Euro is devaluated, then its products will be more easily exportable to the US and the international markets. The decrease of debt would make the bankruptcy option seem very distant, which would lead to the empowerment of the European Banking System. Inflation is indeed a problem. However, with all these austerity measures, Europe loses its competitiveness, further deepens the debt and creates social unrest with unimaginable repercussions. So the question is: is there really a dilemma here? Inflation or Recession? No. There is no dilemma. Recession will lead many countries to bankruptcy -the first will probably be Greece, but it wont go down alone! So, undeniably there is only one solution. And this is to PRINT MONEY, even if it does lead to an increase in the inflation.  

The international examples are many. Why Europe tosses and turns over this? Is it because Germany and the Scandinavians desire to lead the southern states into an even deeper recession, so they can exploit their natural resources, the land, the businesses and even the sun and then gain total and complete control over the entire continent? Scary, yet plausible, because according to the Classified Report of Horst Reichenbach, it seems that the Germans want Greece to grant its land and sea for 99 years for the amount of 135 billion Euros. And this is not the only report that has been "published".

You are dreaming about owning Greece, arent you? You would love to get your hands on our Oil, Gold, Lignite, Natural Gas and the sun, arent you? You want to buy the Acropolis, arent you?... Well, guess what. Even if you do buy it, it will NEVER be yours... NEVER.

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